For Industry – By Industry

The Seafood Industry National Mental Health Program

The Programs Core Pillars:

Focus Communites and Trusted Advocates

Community Mental Health Education and Training

Community Resilience Fund

Stay Afloat Australia is the national mental health program for the Australian seafood industry, run by Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) and supported with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health’s Mental Health Emergency Response.  Mental Health is one of SIA’s top priorities and sits under the key priority area of Wellbeing along with SIA’s industry-specific safety program Sea Safe. To find out more about Sea Safe visit  

The two-year program will see the establishment of Stay Afloat communities around the country, with our long-term vision that the Trusted Advocates network, and other program supports, reach every member of the national industry.

State and Territory Program Co-ordinators will be appointed to engage, train and support Trusted Advocates. As the cornerstone of our program, our Trusted Advocates network delivers the peer-to-peer support that has been vital to the program’s success.


A range of Mental Health and Wellbeing Training and education activities will roll out throughout the program. A wellbeing toolkit will be created and continually added to, and our communities will be invited to hold events and activities that foster human connection and wellbeing with the support of funding from our Community Resilience Fund.

Our industry thrives on the hard work and dedication of our workforce. The national rollout of Stay Afloat reflects our commitment to not only the physical safety but also the mental health of our valued workers. We believe that a healthy mind is the foundation for a resilient and productive industry.

The national program extends the wonderful work undertaken during the 2020-2022 pilot program, which SIA ran in partnership with Women in Seafood Australasia (WISA). The pilot program extended the efforts of the Seafood Industry Tasmania through the Tasmanian Stay Afloat program, we remain committed to our collaborative endeavors and are grateful to CEO Julian Harrington and his team for their agreement to share the branding.

Early intervention, grassroots, community engagment

Robust national platform and communications

Trusted Advocates in community – As part of the national rollout, Stay Afloat will appoint Trusted Advocates in up to 50 seafood communities across the country.

A Trusted Advocate may be a member of our seafood community, or a person with experience in providing this type of positive support in other settings. Trusted Advocates are trained in Mental Health First Aid and carry a toolkit of wellbeing supports. Their role is to promote wellbeing whilst also providing a listening ear and supporting people towards professional help as appropriate. Trusted Advocates know the local industry and its challenges, and do what they can to ensure that local professional supports understand them too.


Education and Capacity building – The national program will bring a range of tools to help educate and build capacity in communities. From Mental Health First Aid training to wellbeing workshops, online tools and information about local programs by local providers, we will help communities better understand the world of wellbeing and destigmatise conversations about mental health.


Community Connection – Through our Community Resilience Fund, communities will be offered financial support to hold events and activities that connect industry members. Connection is at the heart of wellbeing and previous events funded by Community Resilience Grants have shown significant benefits to local industry communities.